Blossoms in the dark.

I went to the doctor.finally.he is middle-aged.with black-rimmed glasses and lagging coloured shirt just like any pale shadow that you would bump into on street.he is so ordinary that i doubt he has any occasion worth to remember in his life.or whether he has a life.I can’t even recall what is the colour of his shirt right after i stepped out of the treatment room.he told me to soak myself in warm water and avoid peanut.of course he speaks in monotone.which suits him like no others.and i nodded my head.acting like a little girl who has just did something terribly wrong.but I know I did not.it should be someone else that needs to be blamed.if there must be one.later then.when I walked home alone I decided to buy myself some flowers.I love the idea how the white colour would perfectly match the blue wall in my room.it was at this moment I realized this lively little town has somehow giving me peace of mind.of which I have been longing for since i have been haunting by restless dreams years ago.although everything is in pieces.still.

Loving a stranger could be much easier.this thought came across my mind when I soak myself into warm water and felt the heat running over my body like a river.it was after that I found someone left a message in my cell phone.he says.it’s good to know that at least one person in this planet understand me. 

It was a wednesday night.and I felt myself gradually melting into the background.

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